Little Pizza Heaven is located at 63-65 Church Street, Montclair (across from Starbucks)

Delivery from Heat & Eat Dinners

Ordering from Heat & Eat Dinners is the easiest way to support Montclair's local restaurants.  Let me tell you why...

Since December 2020, I've spent tons of time and energy trying to build Montclair Family Meals.  We're having constant issues.  Missed pickups by customers, missed or wrong orders by the restaurants, customers wanting to make changes to orders or pickup day, etc.  My intent was to make the restaurant's lives easier - instead, we seemed to be making life harder.

Aside from all that, we're not actually getting that many orders for family meals.  My email list is over 1000, yet we get around 30 orders per week.  Many people have commented that they don't need meals for 4 people, and picking up on multiple days just isn't very convenient.

Bottom line:  there are too many moving parts, and not enough interest in the family meals concept.

With Heat & Eat Dinners, we're doing it differently. 

First, we will only offer individual dishes, and they will be be delivered.

Second, we're not going to share the exact restaurants the dishes are coming from, which will take the heat (no pun intended) off the restaurants as far as customer service issues. 

All the restaurants will need to do is take orders directly from us, and fill them.  We handle everything else: we take the orders, handle delivery, and will assist customers with problems.  The restaurants will do what they do best: cook.

So, if you want to help Montclair's restaurants, Heat & Eat Dinners is the easiest way to do it (for both you and us).

Meals delivered from Heat and Eat Dinners are NOT family meals.  They are individual dishes that are delivered fully cooked, but COLD, and ready to heat at your convenience.

The idea behind Heat and Eat Dinners is similar to Montclair Family Meals - you pre-order several nights dinners from MONTCLAIR-BASED restaurants. The big difference is that Heat and Eat Dinners get delivered, and require heating.

It's worth noting that almost every prepared meal company out there is not local to Montclair. That means when you sign up, your money leaves our community.  When you purchase meals through Heat and Eat Dinners, your money will support Montclair's local restaurants who prepare all our meals.

Orders for "Heat & Eat" delivery must be placed by Sunday at midnight, and they are delivered on Mondays.  

Order a delivery from Heat and Eat Dinners now.