Little Pizza Heaven is located at 63-65 Church Street, Montclair (across from Starbucks)

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the format keep changing?

Honestly? It's a ton of work to manage orders for a dozen different restaurants, especially since I was running this whole thing for free and trying to cover costs with tips. 

I'm trying to find a way to help our restaurants without making this a full-time volunteer job.  That's why my next attempt to help is with the introduction of Heat & Eat Dinners.

Can I Order For Delivery?

You can, but it's through our sister site,  These are individual dishes (not the family meals you seen on Montclair Family Meals) that are delivered fully cooked and ready to heat at your convenience.

Do you post ingredients/allergens for the dishes?

Because each restaurant independently prepares the meals, and we may rotate meal options, please contact the participating restaurants directly for questions about ingredients and potential allergens.

Can I order from more than 1 restaurant at a time?

If you want to order several nights worth of dinners at once, you can do so through our sister site Heat & Eat Dinners.