Little Pizza Heaven is located at 63-65 Church Street, Montclair (across from Starbucks)

3 Reasons to Order Through Montclair Family Meals

1) Pre-Order a Weeks Worth of Meals in Under 5 Minutes - Many of you subscribe to meal kits (either fully cooked or self-prepared) because you like the convenience of planning for a weeks worth of meals with just a few clicks.  By offering meals from Montclair's best restaurants, MFM offers the similar convenience, while keeping your (much needed) dollars in the community.

2) Restaurants Need The Business - The cold winter months will present an existential threat to Montclair restaurants due to the prohibition of indoor dining due to COVID. If you value the diversity of food options here in Montclair, ordering through Montclair Family Meals (MFM) is a convenient (and tasty) way to support our restaurants.

3) UberEats and DoorDash Charge Ridiculous Fees - I covered this topic pretty in depth here, but the gist of it is that UberEats and DoorDash take up to 30% of the order total from the restaurant as a commission. 

Oh, by the way, those delivery apps charge you fees too.  According to the NY Times article, those fees make food orders 91% higher in some cases.

MFM charges 0% commission and $0 in fees to restaurants or customers.  We don't even ask restaurants to cover the cost of our credit card processing.  At a time like this, restaurants need more than just orders. They need profitable orders.